Here’s a variation on the theme of PBJ painting. The Fluffernutter. An all American comfort food. Great for those times you are hungry and can’t be bothered to make something that  would take more time. You are HUNGRY NOW and want immediate gratification. Grab the Peanut Butter and Fluff and you are off to the races. Goes good with milk.


I wanted to paint a pbj so I made one. I wanted to eat it right away but decided to go ahead and dive into the paints.   There’s a lot of similarity between the paint and the peanut butter, almost the same consistency… smooth and creamy.   Maybe I was painting peanut butter on the bread with the butter knife and spreading paint as if it were peanut butter with the brush on the canvas. Getting convoluted here, sorry. The paint and peanut butter are almost interchangeable.  I could almost paint with peanut butter because after all, what an artist does is paint Paint, not things. That’s what it’s all about.  Unless what it’s all about is the Hokey Pokey… then I am in real trouble because I was just beginning to paint with peanut butter.

I got sidetracked while painting some french fries and ended up painting and eating this tootsie pop.  One of the prerequisites for being an artist is to know that hunger makes the best sauce.     How could I resist eating this?  Delicious.

Hello Art fans!  I am painting still life using an old master framework to support modern imagery.  Fast food, candy, all American junk and comfort food. Nostalgia… Indigestion from too many burgers, Know the feeling?  Stay tuned as I travel through the fast food joints and candy shops scouting for the stuff you can’t resist. All grist for the painterly mill.  Thinking of painting a coke bottle with a straw,  maybe a melting ice cream cone, we’ll see…